1960 Fender Stratocaster Daphne Blue (Refin) OHSC




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24999 EUR
BJ 1960
Medium „C“ Neck
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Zum Verkauf kommt diese wunderschöne 1960 Fender Stratocaster Daphne Blue. Das Daphne Blue ist ein Refin – extrem gut gemacht, authentisch und vor allen Dingen wunderschön.


Hier die Beschreibung von TFOA:


„First of all, this guitar is a exceptionally sounding vintage stratocaster, with that impressive vintage tone quality only found of an on in vintage strats. That said, this rarely seen 1959-60 slabboard Fender Stratocaster shows a few changes, first it’s refinished to Daphne Blue. Body and neck date back too 59-60, as does the pickguard, neck says early 1960, body shape is consistent with 59-60, the hardware and pickups are hard too date exactly but are consistent, pickups are pre-CBS black bottom pickups for sure, Pots date 304-63-38, meaning 38th week for 1963. The Daphne Blue finished shows lots of vertical weatherchecking the way you would expect from an old Stratocaster, but the lack of contrast with the colour under the Pickguard makes it a refin as do the filled nailholes that are still visible. The original Greenish guard in great condition except for the famous screw-crack, obviously there has been another one on this guitar in the past, but it’s changed back, the tuners are double line klusons, original vintage stratocaster but from 63 onwards,  Neck finish is original, but a lot of it left the neck over time. With 3 very good sounding black bottom pickups, good low weight of only 3.2kg, very nice medium size C shape neck, nice thickness rosewood slabboard-fingerboard with newer frets.“




* Alder body
* Daphne blue,
* Serial number on original neck plate reading #58827
* 1-piece mapelneck with small headstock,
* original Spaghetti Logo
* Rosewood Slabboard fretboard
* 3 way switch with the guitar, 5 way switch in the guitar,
* 2x tone – 1x volumn control
* 21 frets,
* Original clay dots inlays,
* 3x original singlecoil pickups,
* 3.2kg Weight
* 7.25″ Original Radius
* 41.7mm width at the nut
* 3-ply original celluloid greenish pickguard,
* Fender tremolo
* Bridge with 6x ‘pat-Pend’ steel-saddles
* 3 pots reading 3046338
* 3 original Pickups
* original Plastics and Hardware
* Original brown case